Saturday 14 April 2018

Simple Life Hacks

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"How do I stop myself from looking old?", "Oh Dear, I have crows feet!?", "Where did these wrinkles come from?", "How I wish I had my young, fresh, subtle looking skin again" THESE are the age old questions every woman has in their mind. I know. I speak from experience. It is constantly on repeat, along with other things.

Well sistas, we can never turn back time. If only we could *thinking* As we look in the mirror each day hoping that time will just stop!
What if I told you that there are little cheats, you know little life hacks. I am sure most of you have heard of it BUT never tried it. I don't know.

All we need are everyday household ingredients :)

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These are the miracle fruit! When purchasing tomatoes make sure they are ripe and plump for better affect. Place them in the fridge before using.
Once cold slice them in half and keep the other half for later.
Rub the cold tomato all over your face and leave to dry for 15 minutes then rinse of with ice cold water (and I do mean ice cold water). Do not use any face wash just the water will do. You will see the difference immediately :)
Use the other half before bed time. Stick to this routine everyday. It works wonder.(BE SURE THAT YOUR FACE IS CLEAN BEFORE YOU DO THIS).

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Yes! this sour little darling are amazing when it comes to having soft subtle pink lips.
All you have to do is squeeze the juice of a whole lemon into a bowl and mix it together with 2 table spoons of olive oil (No your not making a salad). Rub this mixture all over your lips daily and don't worry about wiping it off because it seeps into your lips naturally. It does not matter how many times a day you do this. For better effects before you sleep just dab on this magic lip shine :). Keep the mixture in an air tight container in the fridge. It can be kept for a week. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE OLIVE OIL THEN THE LEMON ITSELF IS FINE. But for faster pink lips both is advisable.

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A ripe papaya is best. Cut the papaya in half save the other half for the next day. Mash up the papaya WITHOUT the skin. It does not have to be perfectly mashed. Apply on your face and neck as a mask (3 times a week). Leave on until it dries out the again just rinse off with ONLY ice cold water.

And there you have it simple life hacks for healthier younger looking skin without the usual creams and what nots *smiling* This is my routine and I am sharing it with all of you. If you have any comments feel free to contact me through the sites I provided on my blog.

Until next time.. Ta.. Muax..
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Saturday 7 April 2018

Let Us Be Their Voice

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Let us be the voice for those that cannot speak. Let us heal their pain. Let us show them there is kindness in this world. Let us show them we care.
Animals have a heart bigger than any human when it comes to feelings of love. They show more than you can imagine and give more love than any human being. Their love is pure and true. They only ask for our care in return. For them we are their entire world.

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Have you ever really looked into the eyes of any stray cat OR dog? What do you see? That is the question you must ask yourself. They cannot tell you how they feel, they can only show. In the eyes of our pets we see love BUT in the eyes of a stray we see sadness, hunger and pain. Has the human race lost all emotions towards Allah's creatures? Were we not taught to show kindness and mercy?

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These days, there are so many cases about animal abuse and abandonment. It saddens my heart for what have these beings done to deserve such cruelty? I know for a fact there are still kind souls out there regardless of race that actually show how much they care for a dog/cat. I SALUTE you! You will be blessed with an abundance of everything.

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For those out there that still care LET US BE THEIR VOICE! Stand up for those that cannot speak! They deserve to be treated well. If we all stand together we can make a huge difference.

Until next time. Peace be upon you all..Aamin.

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Friday 6 April 2018

Best Of Both Worlds.

Baby Girls Vs Baby Boys.

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Having a baby is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Well, apart from the aches, pains and also the throwing up among others *laughing* I wonder who said it was a joy *thinking* there is no glow just sweat *laughs* I guess it all depends on the person. To each their own. Everyone has their own way and experiences. But the question here is "Which is the preferred gender for most when having a baby?". 

I recently spoke to some friends about their pregnancies and what gender did they prefer, I included myself in this impromptu mini poll as well while we were having coffee. Also, set up a poll on Facebook to see what the public says. 

Families it seems also want a say in this. I guess some still have not accepted that times have changed *smirks* I speak from personal experience!. 

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The votes are in from the poll. Results show that 75% prefer baby girls and 25% prefer baby boys. I will reveal my preferred gender in the conclusion. *smiles*                            

Baby Girls.

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A baby girl is every daddy's dream. Hence the saying "Daddy's 
Girl" for no mater how old they get, married or not, they will 
forever be daddy's princess. 

So, why did majority choose baby girls? they said that, little girls are just little dolls that just have the special charm about them. They say that raising a little girl is much more easier. They are more calm and relaxed. Therefore, preference to baby girls because raising a lady much more easier. 

Baby Boys.

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On the other hand, the rest that chose baby boys say that, they are mommies best friend :). After all a little boy is a mommy's boy no matter what. A little boy is more than a bundle of joy! they are just a ball of fun and laughter. Raising a little boy takes more than you can imagine. I know because I have little boys and Yes! they are a handful. never keeping still *laughs*. Nonetheless, a little baby boy is not only your little man but someday your little boy is going to be someones father. So, raising him needs a lot of patience. You have to raise a Man a Gentleman.

As for me, I prefer both :) it does not matter boy or girl. A baby is a blessing regardless of gender. Well, that is my view. To each their own *smiles* The most important thing is the baby is healthy. Boy or Girl I love them both.

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Until next time. Muax.
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Wednesday 28 March 2018


Dark is the night,
How I wish I could see the light,
In my heart I will fight,
Something feels not right.

Though I feel a gleam,
I wish this was all a dream,
All I want to do is scream.

I hate the fall of tears at night,
Why am I even in this fight?,
The dark is all I know,
All it does is grow grow grow.

I see you standing there,
I know for a fact you don't care,
You are not aware,
Of this Nightmare.

Fate brought me here,
For me to let go of my fear,
One day soon I will go,
To a place you won't even know.

You may think you are strong,
My dear you are very wrong,
For you are nothing without me,
Someday soon You will see,
You are the one that needs me.

A Toddler & His Brother

Having a toddler Dylen 2 years and Kellan a 6 month old baby is not all peaches and cream. Every second of the day is run run run(kinda like the road runner). I really wonder where Dylen gets all his energy from because I NEED some baby! By the time the day ends I am wiped out but mommy's' work is never done. Round a clock job *laughs*

Baby D
Dylen is at the stage where he is so curious about everything and anything. Double duty on him *grinning* Picking up new words really fast. Got to be so careful of what we say around him. He watches my every move just as I watch his every move. A noisy and active toddler is a happy toddler BUT my sweetheart, mommy does need to rest *laughing* He loves to cuddle and give me cheeky grins. Sneaky lil fella. Mischievous in his own little way but which toddler isn't.

 He gets super excited when his favorite cartoon comes on Blaze and The Monster Machines. He just has to make the sound effects *chuckles* Everyday is a new day with him and his brother.
Baby K

His brother on the other hand, Kellan the wee bundle of joy, is so much different. Well, for now that is. All smiles and laughter. Jolly lil munchkin. Only time will tell how he will turn out. Most of the time Kellan is sleeping or laughing. I wonder what he is thinking of tho to just have that smile on his face. A smile that will make all your troubles go away.

From the way I see it Kellan will be more mellow than his big brother Dylen. At least I hope so. But then again, his big brother does need a wing man for his missions. Looking at these two I know in my heart that there is a bond like no other. After all, mommy knows :) 

A brothers' love is like no other,
All the hugs and kisses from my big brother,
May little hearts always beat,
May we brothers remain sweet.

For the day has come to an end,
May you forever be my friend,
To call you my brother,
I love you and cherish you forever.

Thus, I have to come to an end because it is sleepy time for both my lil man. 

Until next time. Muax.

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Saturday 24 March 2018

Two Hearts, One Beat

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Together forever is what we all want. The "You&Me". Not every relationship are rainbows and butterflies BUT for these two it actually is. All it takes is Faith, Trust & a Little Pixie Dust ~ Peter Pan.

I have never met a couple like these two (age wise I mean) for their age they actually know how to make it work. So, I asked them (mini interview) "How do you both do it?" . They said "simple, just compromise".  We rarely hear that this these day and age.

I guess it is all about give and take. No one sided ways, egos pushed aside. Being fair is the Name of Love. Loving  each others hobbies is also part of their way. He loves to hit the gym and so does she (Gym buddies right there..peeps). She loves to bake and he loves eating her cakes (ONLY the healthy ones). They have their date night every Friday as they both have their classes and work going on. Video calls every night before they sleep..Wow!

They met on Instagram, I believe this is what we call "New Age". Back in the day,we oldies met without social media *laughs* she played hard to get (of course that is what we do). In the end, they just clicked. Still, a long road ahead for them but looking at them, you just know they're going to go far :)

In her eyes he sees,
A love as deep as the sea,
In her heart she prays,
For their love to stay.

In his heart he knows,
His love for her grows,
In his arms she lays,
That is where she will stay.

For both have come to show,
A love like theirs everyone knows,
Both mind and heart as one,
True love are yours and mine.

Until next time..Peace! Muax..

Friday 23 March 2018

Blog Baby Momma

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The life of a stay home do everything I can to make ends meet mummy :) I write about anything & every thing.Writing is my passion. Blogging is my mission now(GUNG HO!) I just started this blog so it is up and coming. A happy multi-tasking mom.

The only time blogging gets done is when my little ones are all tucked in, dreaming of candy canes & sugar plums *giggles* I do hope those reading this will enjoy or maybe not, I don't know OR some can even relate.. who knows?.. after all we are who we are.

If there are those that can relate.. maybe just maybe we can trait mummy secrets *smiles* or any other stories to just unwind. I am no professional advisor or anything BUT I do know for a fact that a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen too is what WE ALL NEED.

Much..much.. more to be writen but mom duties are beckoning..until next time round.. stay tuned!.

This is going to be a Dual Language Blog *laughs* 

Another day another life is what I sometimes wished I had, but never regretting having my kids. If only I could change just a little bit of this & that.


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