Saturday 14 April 2018

Simple Life Hacks

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"How do I stop myself from looking old?", "Oh Dear, I have crows feet!?", "Where did these wrinkles come from?", "How I wish I had my young, fresh, subtle looking skin again" THESE are the age old questions every woman has in their mind. I know. I speak from experience. It is constantly on repeat, along with other things.

Well sistas, we can never turn back time. If only we could *thinking* As we look in the mirror each day hoping that time will just stop!
What if I told you that there are little cheats, you know little life hacks. I am sure most of you have heard of it BUT never tried it. I don't know.

All we need are everyday household ingredients :)

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These are the miracle fruit! When purchasing tomatoes make sure they are ripe and plump for better affect. Place them in the fridge before using.
Once cold slice them in half and keep the other half for later.
Rub the cold tomato all over your face and leave to dry for 15 minutes then rinse of with ice cold water (and I do mean ice cold water). Do not use any face wash just the water will do. You will see the difference immediately :)
Use the other half before bed time. Stick to this routine everyday. It works wonder.(BE SURE THAT YOUR FACE IS CLEAN BEFORE YOU DO THIS).

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Yes! this sour little darling are amazing when it comes to having soft subtle pink lips.
All you have to do is squeeze the juice of a whole lemon into a bowl and mix it together with 2 table spoons of olive oil (No your not making a salad). Rub this mixture all over your lips daily and don't worry about wiping it off because it seeps into your lips naturally. It does not matter how many times a day you do this. For better effects before you sleep just dab on this magic lip shine :). Keep the mixture in an air tight container in the fridge. It can be kept for a week. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE OLIVE OIL THEN THE LEMON ITSELF IS FINE. But for faster pink lips both is advisable.

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A ripe papaya is best. Cut the papaya in half save the other half for the next day. Mash up the papaya WITHOUT the skin. It does not have to be perfectly mashed. Apply on your face and neck as a mask (3 times a week). Leave on until it dries out the again just rinse off with ONLY ice cold water.

And there you have it simple life hacks for healthier younger looking skin without the usual creams and what nots *smiling* This is my routine and I am sharing it with all of you. If you have any comments feel free to contact me through the sites I provided on my blog.

Until next time.. Ta.. Muax..
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